Wednesday, June 25, 2008

God Came Near

I'm reading a book that I read years ago, more than once, but it just moves me each time... It's called "God Came Near", and it's by an author named Max Lucado. He is a pastor, but his books read like stories, just pulling you in and wrapping themselves around you. As I read through this time, I'm kind of going to use this blog as my journal, sharing highlights and such...

Just a taste tonight...

"Has it been a while since you have seen him? If your prayers seem stale, it probably has. If your faith seems to be trembling, perhaps your vision of him has blurred. If you can't find the power to face your problems, perhaps it is time to face him.

One warning. Something happens to a person who has witnessed His Majesty. He becomes addicted. One glimpse of the King and you are consumed with a desire to see more of him and say more about him. Pew-warming is no longer an option. Junk religion will no longer suffice. Sensation-seeking is needless. Once you have seen his face you will forever long to see it again."

This is obviously the beginning, or near it... The book is just all about showing us God, letting us see Him well, just really see Him. Good stuff. You ready?