Monday, August 11, 2008

Eternal instants

Eternal instants have dotted history.

It was an eternal instant when the Creator smiled and said, "It is good." ... It was a moment without time when Noah pushed open the rain-soaked hatch and breathed in the clean air....

Eternal instants. You've had them. We all have.

Sharing a porch swing on a summer evening with your grandchild.

Seeing HER face in the glow of a candle....

Such moments are necessary because they remind us that everything is ok. The King is still on the throne and life is still worth living. Eternal instants remind us that love is still the greatest posession and the future is nothing to fear.

The next time an instant in your life begins to be eternal, let it. Put your head back on the pillow and soak it in. Resist the urge to cut it short. Don't interrupt the silence or shatter the solemnity. You are, in a very special way, on holy ground.

Again, from Max Lucado's God Came Near. This has become SOOO hard for me since I had kids. I am always on the go, rarely stopping to just be, to just listen, to just soak it in. I have a feeling that I've missed many many eternal instants. Today, at least today, I purpose to catch them, so I need to go and do that!


Tony said...

Business is one of Satan's greatest ploys. I fall for this way to often. Eternity starts now. I like what Max says here about stopping to experience it.

Jennifer Bogart said...

I have an award for you on my blog! Please stop by and pick it up :).