Wednesday, August 20, 2008


If you're like me, you're so caught up in the here and now that things like heaven seem like a far, far off thought. I believe in heaven, but I don't really put too much time into thinking about it. Now dominates my brain. I suppose that changes as people age, as life slows down a bit. It seems like I more often hear the aged talking about it than the young. But you know, if I really did think about it, if I really stopped and realized, on a daily basis, that it is a real place, and is my final destination, where I will spend the VAST majority of my time, how would that impact decisions that I make now? What things would increase in importance? Which would decrease? Truly, what would happen if I lived like heaven was a real place everyday?

If You Like Disneyland, You Won't Believe Heaven
This devotional was written by Dan Johnson

In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you.
John 14:2

Walt Disney started talking about building a park for his employees and their families in a 1948 memo. What started as a discussion to build Mickey Mouse Park ended with the 1955 Grand Opening of Disneyland. Built on 160 acres of orange groves around Anaheim, Disneyland cost 17 million dollars to build. Opening day, July 17, 1955, was a gala affair with over 28,000 guests. The ceremonies were broadcast live on ABC with Art Linkletter as one of the hosts and celebrities like Ronald Reagan.

I was 36 years old when I first visited Disneyland, by then a 45-year-old theme park. With a child's excitement, I wondered the streets wide-eyed knowing that this was the "happiest place on earth" and so well-managed that they pressure-washed the streets each night. At nightfall, as I sat with my wife and small children along the parade route, music began wafting through the trees. I fought back tears as the lights came on and the parade began to come to life. It had taken a long time, but we had made it to Disneyland and it was better than expected.

If you think Disneyland is something, a man-made amusement park in crowded Southern California, try the Bible's description of Heaven. There's too much detail to mention, but let's just say that it is a place of such enormity and grandeur that comparisons fail completely. In Revelation chapters 21 and 22, Heaven is described as a real city, 1500 miles by 1500 miles by 1500 miles in size ( 2,250,000 square miles). This city is surrounded with walls made of precious jewels and the street that runs down the center is made of gold. This city is the one Jesus Christ has been working on since His resurrection 2,000 years ago.

God's building projects are beyond our ability to fathom. The Hubble telescope has released photos from galaxies 12 billion light-years away from earth. And the earth is just a speck in the universe that God has made for us NOW. Imagine what lies ahead.

In that city there are no lockers, because it's perfectly safe. In that city, which the Bible says will be on this earth, there are no tears, except maybe tears of joy. The music will be angelic and the light will come from the Main Attraction. At Disneyland, Mickey Mouse rules. In the coming Kingdom, Jesus Christ is the Star of the Show. This would be a really good time to plan your trip.


Jennifer Bogart said...

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Anonymous said...

Great thought! I am just finishing up a book titled "Heaven" written by Randy Alcorn. Great book in helping one realize from the Word of God that heaven, the new Earth, will be a real place. Here are a couple quotes from the book:

"The moment we say that we can't imagine Heaven, we dump cold water on all that God has revealed to us about our eternal home. If we can't envision it, we can't look forward to it."

"Everything pleasurable we know about life on Earth we have experienced through our senses. So, when Heaven is portrayed as beyond the reach of our senses, it doesn't invite us; instead, it alienates and even frightens us. Our misguided attempts to make Heaven "sound spiritual" merely succeed in making Heaven sound unappealing."

peace in Christ,