Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I received a neat devotional from Proverbs 31 ministries today. Wendy Pope wrote this one....

What difference can one make? In a world of over 6 billion people, what can one do? In Jesus' three years of ministry on this earth, thousands followed Him. Thousands needed Him. Out of the thousands Jesus ministered to, one mattered ...

the one waiting at the pool of Bethesda .

the one leper who was healed.

the one woman at the well.

the one whose son died.

the one who touched the hem of His garment.

the one whose demon was cast out.

the one whose sight was restored.

One matters. One can also make a difference. One has power.

One mattered to us as a ministry when we received a plea through our prayer line. She was about to take her life. She felt she had nothing to live for, no reason, and no hope. We heard her cry, the soul-reaching, heart-breaking cry of one.

At Proverbs 31 Ministries, the cry of one stops our "normal" work day noise and we gather together to pray. As we joined hands and prayed for the cry of this one, the room was filled with God's presence and His love for this one. He answered our prayer for one and, with praise and thanksgiving, she cried out again:

"Lord, Jesus, I give you praise and humble thanks. I was in extreme distress. I screamed out in pain into cyberspace, overwhelmed and gripped in an attack. I was caught in a suicide space falling and planned to die. I was trapped and could not escape this. I was terrified and ashamed, caught in a deep undercurrent of self destructive feelings. There was no way out. The pressures were too much. Then I received an answer to my cries. Help, love and concern flooded into this dark space, people who cared and stayed with me, passing all kinds of lifelines, they prayed for me. Thank you Lord for these dear and true daughters of Yours."

As daughters of Christ, His chosen ones, it is our delightful purpose to reflect Jesus, the One and only, to one at a time.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think of Jesus sending us into the world to preach the good news. But it doesn't have to be. When we reach out to just one person in Jesus' name, we change the world...

Just think if every one receiving this devotion reached out in Jesus' name today to pray for a hurting soul, help a neighbor, bless a co-worker, encourage a child, mentor a friend, or come alongside a ministry and partner together to reach just one. What a difference we could make!